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This is the site of my new faery blog and goblin market where you can purchase my calendars and cards and other things.  Soon this site will automatically redirect, until then you’ll have to just navigate there on your own faery power….I just hate to be redirected like this so I must apologize for any inconvenience this causes you…

Contemplating the move....

Faery Blessings, and see you at the new meeting place.

just before he disappeared into the Essex woods.

A faery hiding with his dragon. Can you see him?

It’s so hot today and humid that the only thing to do is to gather all the beach gear and go to the ocean’s edge where I can cool my toes and look for faeries playing in the lingering lace of the waves.  Poor Sam, no dogs allowed, she’ll have to hide away from the sun in her freshly dug mud hole behind the Hydrangea.  She’s too hot to chase the bunnies I can see sitting at the garden’s edge.  She just watches them with a wistful eye.  I wonder why the bunnies are out and about at noon…

Faeries in the afternoon

Behind the bunnies, in the grass, I can see the faeries watching...


woodland faery

50 Faeries, this is Faery 21...only two more to choose

A hard working elf solved the problems and save the day!  My past posts are on the new site, AND the shipping charges in my new store are correct… It’s so pretty, I can’t wait for you to see it.  It should be at http://www.underthewoodsfaeries.com in a few days.  Hopefully it will automatically take you there from here…I have a very magical elf working on it…if it works we’ll have Bob to be grateful for.  (warning– never ever thank someone from Faeryland…it’s a bad bad thing…but you can tell them how grateful you are for their gifts.)

I’m working on a date book and have selected 50 out of the 52 Faeries…so this week I start to work on it.  I think it will be lovely, I’ll keep you posted.


I guess I will have to start from scratch. Oh bother.  Hopefully when you come to the old blog, it will direct you to the new one without a glitch.  Ah well and Oh dear. More later.

Faery Blessings

Tom, Sam, and I went to the middle of New York to visit another faery festival.  It was very different from our little festival, more adults in costume, more land, more food, and several tents with beautiful faery art and clothing for sale.   The landscape was just perfect, with a beautiful babbling brook along the path to all the little grassy areas where music and theater was taking place.  There were nests with baby birds along the way, and faery houses; and an occasional nasty trolls hiding on the path.  Two very mean trolls guarded a bridge to the wishing tree and they would NOT let you pass without paying their toll –something beautiful or shinny.  Fortunately one lovely food vendor was running around giving shinny white stones to all of the children so they could pay the troll toll.  We were at a loss for anything shinny or beautiful so we had to turn around, besides, poor Sam was freaking out, she was very frightened of the trolls.  Dogs are very wise.  What I loved the most was this magical faery house on the side of the path. It was built of sticks and had carved log and mushroom tables.  I would just love this in our yard.  I think we might look for a bigger place for next year’s festival…something with water and woods. But how will we keep the trolls away?

New York Faerie Festival

Enter the faery door to the faery house

New York Faerie Festival 2

The faeries must be out playing in the wood...

Trolls at the New York Faerie Festival

Mama Troll and her baby enjoying the festival

Face Painting at the New York Faerie Festival

Watching out for trolls...

Nail Angel at the faery festival

I need a nail angel to do my nails while I wait in line!

Dog and Faery

Sam accepting comfort from a passing faery...the trolls were very scary.

leaving the festival

No one seemed to see these ancient ones as they walked the faery trail.

Faery Blessings.

These are a few of my favorite things:

http://www.nyfaeriefest.com/index.php The New York Faerie Festival

http://www.silkcloque.com/index.html Reyen’s Design Studio: Unbelievably beautiful tops of woven wool and silk. Perfect for a hot summer faery festival. If I had a million dollars I would buy you several!

http://www.moresca.com/intro.php Moresca Clothing & Costume… She’s come from Feyland and has brought her dresses with her, because it isn’t possible to make such beautiful dresses on the human plane– A must for every self-respecting adult sized elf or fae.

http://bodyartbyshara.com/ Faery Faces beautifully done.  I’d love to take portraits of these little ones on the faery mushroom, I think they would be magical.

http://wingandtalonleatherworks.com/ These leather masks were unbelievable. But I loved the little ears the best.

I just finished putting my calendars up for sale on Amazon…not an easy thing, but you can start buying today! From Amazon or later from my new site (soon to be launched) and PayPal.  The calendar is being sold on Amazon for more than on my site to cover all of Amazon’s fees.  Hopefully you will find it in their catalog…look for 2011 wall calendars, or “faery” calendars (with an “e”) and it should get you there.   Right now Tom is taking calendars to shops in Salem…wish us luck! (if you cannot wait for my website to be launched, email me at  junder@underwoodphoto.com for more information on my calendars.)

2011 Wall Calendar

Launched into the wide wide web world

May she land in green clover.

Faery blessings to us all.